AHA! Now I know what happened. I saw the results of one test and assumed it was the result of another test. I DID turn on Web Installer at one point and later turned it off. Next I went to the Visualizer and turned ON the Remove Installer Flag. The installer worked as expected. I then went back to the Visualizer and changed the Remove Installer to a value of "NO".

However, the script Remove Installer line that was created by the Web Install setting was STILL in the script. I wrongly assumed that the undesired Remove Installer line had been placed there by the visualizer.

I am producing my own version of a Lindersoft Guideline manual that contains the "WHY" and "WHEN" features of SB6. Your manual is excellent at explaining the "HOW" but does not cover enough why and when for my feeble brain.

For example, if I don't document what you have said in your two posts above, I'll make the same mistake again later. Several times. Over a period of years!

You see, I have a trick memory. It "tricks" me several times a day! I can repeat a lot of the dialogue lines from the six Star Wars movies even though I have made no effort to memorize them. Remembering that Web Update automatically puts a Remove Installer line in the script BUT that the Remove Installer line in the Visualizer does NOT, is just too much for my brain. I have to keep notes on things like that.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

-O. D.-