These are "Why" more than "How Do I" questions,but I can't find any guidance in the manual or on the forum.

1. The install for MyprogVer1.exe works great and was built with Web Update enabled. That install uses Releases to build installs for 4 versions of the program (Demo, Single User, Net 5 User and Net 10 User).

Now I run the Web Update Project Wizard to build an install for MyProgVer2.exe Whereas the original full install had 85 files, the update only needs to send 11 files.

The resulting Web Update Install does not copy over any of the Release definitions. Am I now to make copies of the Web Update install so that I have four different copies of it, one for each release OR do I rebuild by hand the Release definitions?

2. I have built a full install and web update installs for a custom program that a customer of mine uses and sells. One day his company is acquired by a bigger company and they want him to move all his web stuff to their web site.

Now his customers have software that wants to look on for updates but in 60 days the web update files have to be on Do I build another web update that includes the new web site info? Does that mean that I should or should not check the Install Web Update Client box in order to get the web hosting change distributed?

As an alternative, can I just send each of his clients a tiny install program that places a new IDeploy.cli file on their machines so that they search for updates on the new web site rather than the old web site?

This scenario might also apply to someone who has been placing full installs in one web folder and web update installs in another web folder and now wants to switch to placing them all in one folder.

3. The New Update Wizard checks the boxes for Enable Web Installation and also Enable Web Update, but does not check Install Web Update Client. I assume that is because the wupdate.exe program was installed with the very first web update enabled release.

Is there a problem in checking the Install Web Update Client box on sending web updates? Good idea, Bad idea, only in certain circumstances?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

-O. D.-