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Old 01-03-2009, 09:00 AM
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Default Installing as a limited account user (non-admin) on XP

Hi all,

After redoing my DMC installer and updater to better comply to Windows
limited accounts users (non-admin rights), I again this morning found out
(again my fault as I had NOT tested installing as a limited user) that it
did not work properly

When installing as admin all was perfect and a limited users could use the

So I went digging in help files and exploring the SB planet .....and found
that relying only on generator 'requireAdministrator' is not enough under XP
(it is under Vista)

One also needs to go to Requirements and check the Require Administror
checkbox there and now all is perfect

When a non admin XP user tries installing DMC he gets a message asking him
to call Bill gates (or Friedrich with personal portable cell phone number)


I think this is important for all to know and take care off

The rules for a good installer - updater it seems (F.L. pls correct me if
wrong) are :

generator Require Administrator
requirements check require Ad¨inistaor rights
ALWAYS ONLY write to reg HKLM
ALWAYS ADD 'generic all' in access rights to the COMMON_DOCUMENTS path were
you install your DATA
(I use a variable to let user change so I added a second path dialog and
store value in %INSTALL_DATA_PATH% then I "play" with this depending on new
or old install)

Then from your app READ from HKLM and write to HKCU (actally I duplicate
keys now and am safe like this) at app startup global embeds

Also remember that updater requires admin rights

Also remember to forget about RUN('xxxx') and to replace with a good
Shellexecute command (I use the File Explorer one fe_ShellExecute)


What a wonderfull world we live in

MERCI Friedrich for all the extended help during those pasts days to get all
correct - really really appreciated as otherwise i'd still wandering in
no-install land and wondering why users did not buy as much as they should
- your check is in the post Friedrich btw ....


Thank you - Merci

Cordialement - Best Regards
Jean-Pierre GUTSATZ

DMC - Data Management Center - A tool to let you Migrate Import Export
Transfer all your Data very easily
Certified by Microsoft : "Works with Vista" & "Works with Windows Server
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