Buy CS Certificate

Lindersoft customers with a current SetupBuilder Maintenance and Support Plan or a current Premium Community Membership (= Qualified Lindersoft Customers) can purchase original Sectigo (formerly Comodo) Code Signing Certificates at a discounted price.

Sectigo (formerly Comodo) Standard Code-Signing Certificates

Sectigo (formerly Comodo) Code Signing Digital IDs are designed for commercial software developers, companies and other organizations that publish software. This class of Digital ID provides assurance regarding an organization's identity and legitimacy, much like a business license, and is designed to represent the level of assurance provided today by retail channels for software. You can use the same certificate to sign your application and installation files.

Note: Individuals are able to purchase standard code signing certificates, but it entails the use of a different validation method than done for companies. See here.

Sectigo (formerly Comodo) Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates

Sectigo (formerly Comodo) EV Certificates gives you the tools to have your software trusted across all browsers. The place you'll see the most gains is with Microsoft users behind the SmartScreen filter. EV Code Signing established instant application reputation with SmartScreen, effectively killing those download-killing browser warnings and paving the way for more conversions-more money. EV Code Signing also comes with an added layer of security. To prevent unauthorized access to your private key, it is stored on an external hardware token. The Extended Validation process is easy to navigate and can be completed quickly. And the benefits are undeniable.

Note 1: since the private key is stored on the hardware token, for security it cannot be copied or exported to create a PFX file.

Note 2: EV Certificates cannot be purchased as an individual (e.g., not a company).

A Premium Community Membership ($25.95) enables you to purchase Sectigo (formerly Comodo) certificates at a discounted price. Not required if you have a current SetupBuilder Maintenance and Support Plan. The Premium Community Membership fee is non-refundable!