Is your code-signing certificate due to expire? I would strongly suggest to
check this now! It is important you renew your certificate before the
expiry date. Once the certificate expired, you are unable to code-sign your
applications and/or installations!


Please note that Comodo does not send renewal reminders!

To avoid having to resign software every time your certificate expires, use
the timestamping service. When you sign code, a hash of your code will be
sent to Certification authority to be timestamped. This means that you will
not need to worry about re-signing code when your Digital ID expires.
Microsoft Authenticode allows you to timestamp your signed code so that
signatures will not expire when your certificate does.

As a service to our customers, we have partnered with Comodo, Inc., a
leading WebTrust Compliant Certification Authority, to offer Comodo's range
of Code Signing Certificates and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to qualified Lindersoft customers.
If your Verisign or Thawte certificate is due to expire soon, Lindersoft
customers can switch to a 3-Year Comodo certificate for just $200 instead of

Do the math: a Verisign Code Signing Digital ID costs $499 for 1 year, $895
for 2 years and $1,295 for 3 years. A Thawte Code Signing Digital ID costs
$299 for 1 year and $549 for 2 years. A Go Daddy Code Signing Certificate
costs $199.99 for 1 year, $359.98 for 2 years and $509.97 for 3 years.

Friedrich Linder

SetupBuilder is Windows 7 installation -- "point. click. ship"

-- Official Comodo Code Signing and SSL Certificate Partner