Hi All

I am clearly missing something here.

I have an install set that uses icon index 0 in the exe as the icon for
the desktop. There is only one icon used in the exe.

I have changed the icon and checked that it is changed in the exe.
Recompiled, built the install set and installed on the computer.

The icon on the desktop is still the old icon.

Checked the properties of the shortcut and the icon in the exe which has
changed. Confirmed it is the new icon. Pressed change icon, selected
index 0 and pressed apply. The icon remains the same on the desktop.
Pressed refresh desktop and still the same.

Deleted the shortcut and reinstalled the app with SetupBuilder and the
old icon reappears.

MS is playing silly buggers with me. What's up? What it the trick to
get this desktop icon to change?