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Thread: FAQ: What does installer "Error Code#: 0002:0005" mean?

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    Default FAQ: What does installer "Error Code#: 0002:0005" mean?

    FAQ: What does installer "Error Code#: 0002:0005" mean and what may be
    causing this?

    ANSWER: The first part of the error code (0002) tells us that the
    LoadLibraryA Windows API call to load the "unpacked" high-performance
    decompression library (located in the temporary Windows folder) failed. The
    return value is NULL. The second part of the error code (0005) is the
    return value from the GetLastError Windows API. It returns a typical
    ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED = 5 (0x5) = Access is denied error.

    This most likely means that the system "blocks" your setup (anti-virus
    system, anti-spyware system, Windows Defender, etc.) and is caused by a bug
    in the protection system.

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