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Thread: Desktop Icon using old Icon

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    Default Desktop Icon using old Icon

    I have used Setupbuilder for a long time.
    2 years ago we changed our app icon to be more modern looking.

    However on Windows, I can't seem to get the icon to show up on the desktop icons.
    It always uses the OLD ugly icon.

    In the shortcuts area I have it set to:
    - use the new icon from the .exe
    - the .exe icon in Program Files does show the correct icon
    - told it to overwrite existing shortcut

    I have a screenshot of my shortcut settings in Setupbuilder.

    Any ideas how to get my new icon to install or show up?

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    Default Re: Desktop Icon using old Icon

    Hi Tim,

    a Shortcut is nothing more than a simple file with a .lnk extension. If you are 100% sure that the new Shortcut points to the new icon (and your issue is not caused by a "per-user" Shortcut problem; per-user and per-machine Shortcuts have different locations) then the old icon is still in the Windows cache. You can try the "Refresh Desktop" script function from within your installer. Or use "Delete File(s)" before you add the new Shortcut and "Refresh Desktop" after you added the new Shortcut. If this also does not help, you have a typical Windows cache issue.

    Please see:

    [more Shortcut related threads are available]

    Hope this helps a bit.


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