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    Default SetupBuilder with SSL / Comodo EV Code-Signing Certificates / more...


    I'm sorry for the silence. A lot of hard work has been going on

    1. Optional support for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) from within SetupBuilder
    installers is feature complete now. This was a major rewrite in the HTTP
    component and parts of the installer engine. SSL ensures that all data
    passed between the web server and the SetupBuilder installer remain private
    and integral.

    On top of this, SetupBuilder introduces additional WUPDATE_SSL.EXE and
    WUCHECK_SSL.EXE clients with SSL support.

    2. After quite some hours of debugging, I found a long standing bug in the
    LSPack engine. That's fixed now.

    The new SetupBuilder 2018 is expected to be released in February 2018.

    3. There has been quite a bit of development work on Large File Support
    (LFS) for Windows. It is not a trivial task to get past the 2GB limit
    because we have to convert thousands of internal SetupBuilder functions (in
    the compiler, linker, runtime) to 64-bit integer types. We plan to
    introduce the new enhanced "LSPackX" technology in Q2 2018.

    4. As you probably know, there is a new type of code-signing certificate in
    town: the Extended Validation (EV) Code-Signing Certificate. This type of
    certificate instantly establishes reputation in Microsoft's SmartScreen
    Application Reputation filter in Windows 8/8.1/10 and Internet
    Explorer/Edge. The requirement of physical token to sign code prevents
    certificate abuse and further improves trust.

    The main problem is that a one-year certificate costs $399, two years cost
    $698 and three years cost $897. Ouch! After tough negotiations, I believe
    we can provide access to highly discounted Comodo EV code-signing
    certificates soon.

    I hear you ask, what is the difference between EV Code Signing and regular
    Code Signing? See attached screenshot.

    More information to follow soon!


    Friedrich Linder
    Lindersoft | SetupBuilder |
    954.252.3910 (within US) | +1.954.252.3910 (outside US)

    --SetupBuilder "point. click. ship"
    --Helping You Build Better Installations
    --Create Windows 10 ready installations in minutes
    --Official COMODO Code Signing and SSL Certificate Partner
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