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Thread: Code Signing (Adding Digital Signatures) - Setup.exe (works) - myProgram.exe (fails)

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    Default Code Signing (Adding Digital Signatures) - Setup.exe (works) - myProgram.exe (fails)

    Windows 10
    SetupBuilder Developer Edition 2017
    Version: 10.0.5710

    Digital Signatures are added to Setup.exe, but NOT added to myProgram.exe

    We are not getting any errors during the build (see log below)

    ------ Build started: Project: setup.sb7, Configuration: Release Win32 ------
    ------ Date/Time: 02/22/2018 -- 11:33:36AM

    ------ SetupBuilder (tm) Project Script Compiler and Linker for Windows
    ------ Copyright (c) 1997-2017 Lindersoft
    ------ SetupScript (tm) Installation Script Language
    ------ Copyright (c) 2003-2017 Lindersoft
    ------ All rights reserved.

    ------ Developer Edition 2017 Version 10.0.5710
    ------ SetupBuilder (SB/EXE) Compiler Version 10.0.5710

    Waiting for SKU Management configuration information...
    Init Globals...
    Set Media Type: Single-file image
    Verify Code-Signed Install at Startup: DISABLED
    Writing Objects...
    Init Standard Variables...
    Performing pre-checks...
    #pragma loaded: CODESIGN_SHA
    #pragma CODESIGN_SHA = 12
    #pragma loaded: CODESIGN_TSSHA1URL
    SHA1 timestamp server defined
    #pragma CODESIGN_TSSHA1URL =
    Timestamp server(s)...
    Type : 12
    Script format version detected: 10.0.5452
    Recursive compile (0:30): Common
    #pragma loaded: MINVER
    Continue (0:1:31):
    C:\Clarion10\Apps\Version63\Acmswin\479\Update\Acm swin\withoutHelp\Payroll\setup.sb7
    Embed Manifest (Preprocessor)...
    Manifest embedded successfully [backup]:
    C:\Clarion10\Apps\Version63\Acmswin\479\payroll.ex e
    Adding Digital Certificate II (Preprocessor)...
    SIGNTOOL: C:\Clarion10\Apps\Version63\Acmswin\479\payroll.ex e
    SVER: 10.0.10240.16384
    SHA1: 0
    SHA2: 0
    Code signed successfully: C:\Clarion10\Apps\Version63\Acmswin\479\payroll.ex e
    Script(s) processed
    Generating Code...
    Building executable...
    Approx. Stub size: 24,235 bytes
    Linking kernel...
    Code size: 156,847 bytes
    Generating and optimizing [1033] string resources [@2]...
    Processing external file [1]: C:\Clarion5\APPS\AcmsWin\manual\License Agreement.rtf
    Linking [1033] language resource(s)...
    Code size: 11,649 bytes
    Linking dialog side bitmap...
    Code size: 2,761 bytes
    Linking dialog top bitmap...
    Code size: 484 bytes
    Including 2 core service file(s)...
    Compressing file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lindersoft\SetupBuilder 10
    Code size: 25,171 bytes
    Compressing file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lindersoft\SetupBuilder 10
    Code size: 20,131 bytes
    Linking Uninstall Script...
    Code size: 288 bytes
    Preparing Uninstaller Code-Signing...
    Calculating Feature and Type sizes...
    Resolving compiler variables...
    Analyzing installation script (protection mode)...
    Linking installation script...
    Code size: 2,083 bytes
    Linking loader...
    Resum00 executed
    Compile Version Resource...
    Code size: 16,896 bytes
    Add SZDD stamp @ 7692
    Linking decompression library...
    Code size: 9,387 bytes
    Processing Uninstall Code-Signing...
    Adding Digital Certificate to Uninstall...
    Resolve CSI...
    SVER: 10.0.10240.16384
    SHA1: 0
    SHA2: 0
    Successfully code signed Uninstall Object
    Process File Overhead Extraction
    Generating Uninstall Delta [8000]...
    34 byte-mods applied
    Signature source added [12388:6426]
    Signature patch added
    Finalizing application...
    Adding Digital Certificate...
    Resolve CSI...
    C:\Clarion10\Apps\Version63\Acmswin\479\Update\Acm swin\withoutHelp\Payroll\Setup.exe
    SVER: 10.0.10240.16384
    SHA1: 0
    SHA2: 0
    Code signed successfully
    Code Signing Certificate Expiration Date: 01/16/2021 - 1059 day(s)
    Extended Information: T&S Consulting, LLC - 57 ce aa 58 a9 8b f9 af a6 81 ee
    ad 27 30 b2 9a
    Terminating CSigning Process...[0]
    Generating HTML report...
    C:\Clarion10\Apps\Version63\Acmswin\479\Update\Acm swin\withoutHelp\Payroll\Setup.htm
    Generating CSV report...
    C:\Clarion10\Apps\Version63\Acmswin\479\Update\Acm swin\withoutHelp\Payroll\Setup.csv

    --------------------------------------- Done ---------------------------------------

    setup.sb7 - Setup.exe - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s), 1 file(s) code-signed

    Total file(s) : 2
    Total data size: 34,897,560 bytes (33.28 MB)
    Total .exe size: 26,280,152 bytes (25.06 MB)

    C:\Clarion10\Apps\Version63\Acmswin\479\Update\Acm swin\withoutHelp\Payroll\Setup.exe

    Compilation Time: 8.53 sec.
    Date/Time: 02/22/2018 -- 11:33:45AM

    ------------------------------- Compilation finished -------------------------------

    Ken Stone
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