Hello Friedrich and all others,

In my SB-Script I have set the variable [ProductName] to "KiK5" (no doublequotes)

Now I see, that - whoever it did and for what reason at all - "KiK5" turned to KiK 5".

I noticed that after testing my recent installer / updater. The installer did
install well, because I did not notice the change. But when I tried the updater
on an older install, I got an error. Which was correct.

The old program was installed in "C:\KiK5", while the the updater wrote into "C:\KiK 5".

The reason is understandable, because the program path is defined like

%INSTALLDIR%\[ProduktName]in "Apps & Features"

And because [ProductName] has been changed by a moron, the program paths now differ.

What else do I have to check for / have to be aware?

I have not defined a shortcut or program group. What I see is that the option
to uninstall in "Apps & Features" (Win10).

Final question: Does it hurt if I distribute the newly made installer with the
new [ProductName] "KiK 5", but with
%INSTALLDIR%\KiK5 instead of %INSTALLDIR%\[ProductName],
or should I better revert to the original productname?

Wolfgang Orth

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