Hi Everyone:

I managed to include a LindeSoft Shout-out as the page right before the finish dialog. While this is in an internal installer it is a proof of concept. And for those who wish to not see the dialog adding the command-line parameter /NOALERT suppresses it. Here's just one more thing I managed to pull off:

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To replicate this in your installer take the following actions:
  • Create a runtime variable called whatever (I called mine %CMDLINE% to receive the command line of the installer
  • set that variable to get command line (get system info script function)
  • add a dialog in the post file copy (I used the "topics" dialog) set it to whatever your desired advertisement or important message is
  • also in the properties of that dialog give it a label (I used "LSADVERT" (without the quotes)
  • in the final wizard loop put an if statement that if %your-variable% contains <STRING> (I used /NOALERT) then hide dialog $your-dialog-name$
  • have fun including whatever messages you want with this trick

Just a thought to Freidrich and team in the demo versions of SetupBuilder include a dialog towards the end that basically does the same thing and let the customer distribute the installers. If the customer doesn't want the LinderSoft screen they can pay for the subscription. This would be great for open-source developers or those just too strapped for cash.

Hope thi makes sense