It's Coming!!!

Sectigo is offering a "bargain" (not nearly as good as SetupBuilder's)
to help the transition to hardware key storage.

Even if your certificate still has some time left on it, it's worth
considering renewing it (with SetupBuilder prices) prior to the
hardware requirement that begins on June 1.

As if code-signing certs weren't already enough of a


From Sectigo's website:
>What is Changing?
> As of June 1, 2023, all Code Signing Certificates must comply with the new CA/B Forum regulations to ensure that the subscriber’s private key is generated, stored, and used in a suitable FIPS-compliant hardware.
> We recognize this requires customers to commit to a heavy lift. Between now and April 24, 2023, you can purchase Sectigo OV Code Signing certificates and lock-in the use of software-based Code Signing certificates for the next three years and will not be required to switch to a hardware-based token during that time. At the end of your 3-year certificate, Sectigo will ship a free FIPS-compliant token with an extra 12 months of OV Code Signing Certificate validity to you.