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    Default SetupBuilder 2023 BETA-1 Available


    we have just released SetupBuilder 2023 BETA-1. And... that is just the
    beginning... Stay tuned - you'll hear from me regularly :-)

    I have invested quite a few thousand programming hours in fixes,
    enhancements and brand new functionality. We'll perform four beta cycles to
    test the new & enhanced modules. Please do *not* use SetupBuilder 2023 beta
    versions in production environments!

    BETA-1 introduces the rewritten Wizard Dialog system. See attached
    screenshot. On the left the new SetupBuilder 2023 installer, on the right
    the old SetupBuilder 10 legacy installer.

    BETA-1 comes with a new modern wizard dialog style, more wizard dialog
    space, more controls per dialog. This version also comes with built-in
    support for Windows 11 (x86, x64, Arm64) and Windows Server 2022.

    IMPORTANT: the new SetupBuilder 2023 is fully backward compatible to
    previous SetupBuilder versions. But we had to change the size of the side
    and top banner wizard images.

    Side banner changed from 164 x 314 pixels to 164 x 475 pixels.
    Top banner changed from 55 x 55 pixels to 200 x 75 pixels.

    Only the standard "Top1.bmp" and "Side1.bmp" files were updated in this

    There is a new #pragma WIZARD_STYLE available. 0 = Windows standard
    background color; 1 = White color; 2 = Light color. The default is "2".

    You can download SetupBuilder 2023 BETA-1 here:

    To login, please use your SetupBuilder serial number as Username and the
    previous SetupBuilder 10 password as Password (check your original
    maintenance and support plan e-mail). SetupBuilder 2023 and previous
    SetupBuilder versions can co-exist on the same machine!

    SetupBuilder 2023 is available, free of charge, to all SetupBuilder
    customers who have an active SetupBuilder maintenance subscription plan. If
    you do not have an active subscription, please contact us at

    We'll begin to send out BETA-1 release notifications (including your login
    details) tomorrow.

    SetupBuilder 2023 is dedicated to our good old Clarion friends Russ Eggen
    and Jean-Pierre GUTSATZ. Gone too soon! It brought tears to my eyes seeing
    your names in my source codes and internal development documentation.


    Friedrich Linder
    Lindersoft | SetupBuilder |
    Voice: +1.954.537.3701 | Fax: +1.954.537.3702

    --SetupBuilder "point. click. ship"
    --Industry leaders count on SetupBuilder to deliver...
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