Hi Freidrich,

Tried to use the DELETE FILE function and in my script I have a zip file
that gets installed to a folder %_SB_ROOT%\yada\yada\yada\ and the contents
are unzipped using the UNZIP function. After the files are unzipped I want
to delete the file. No matter where I put the delete file function it
wouldn't delete the file after it was unzipped. I tried using the
%_SB_ROOT%\yada\yada\yada\zipfile.zip or even the C:\yada\yada\yada and it
still wouldn't delete the zip file prior to ending the install (I moved the
delete function to close to the end of the installer.) What's the secret?
And shouldn't we be able to use the %_SB_ROOT% token?


Ben E. Brady
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