Buy SSL Certificate

Lindersoft customers with a current SetupBuilder Maintenance and Support Plan or a current Premium Membership (= Qualified Lindersoft Customers) can purchase original Comodo SSL Certificates at a discounted price.

Comodo SSL certificates are available in two levels: InstantSSL and PremiumSSL. At only a fraction of the price of comparable certificates from other companies, these certificates are by far the most cost effective SSL certificates available today.

Certificate Type
1-Year 2-Years 3-Years
Instant SSL Certificate
$42.88 $77.88 $109.38
Instant SSL Pro Certificate
$56.93 $94.05 $122.93
Instant SSL Premium Certificate
$92.23 $127.10 $154.23
Premium SSL Wildcard Certificate
$392.88 $746.46 $1,060.76
Comodo SGC SSL Certificate
$159.96 $287.93 $383.90

A Premium Membership ($25.00) enables you to purchase Comodo certificates at a discounted price. Not required if you have a current SetupBuilder Maintenance and Support Plan. The Premium Membership fee is non-refundable!