The health of most computer systems is no greater than the quality of the worst install script that has been run on that system. If your install breaks the rules of version checking, shared file locations, shared DLL counting or overwriting of registry entries then it is detracting from the 'health' and usability of the system on which it is being installed. By default SetupBuilder does all this quite correctly and helps you avoid breaking these rules. Most version problems or spontaneously failing software can be attributed to ill-behaving installs. Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution.

The very phrase "software distribution" can strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned software developer. Distributing software is the last but most critical step in software sales. Our goal is to help software companies gain as much benefit as possible in this step. SetupBuilder attempts to help you do it all... quickly, reliably, easily. Really.

SetupBuilder offers the full set of the features you need to quickly build bulletproof setups and updates for Windows. It is a powerful, flexible, and intuitive script-based Rapid Setup Development installation-authoring and configuration management tool.

10 reasons why SetupBuilder creates the industry's best installers...


Our installation products provide an outstanding combination of functionality and ease-of-use at affordable prices. Lindersoft is dedicated to offering program developers world-class tools for the installation and distribution of their software.

Dealing with Complexity

Software developers today face increasing complexity distributing applications to end-users. SetupBuilder has always offered just the right combination of power, ease-of-use, and functionality to create installs for Windows applications.

Customer Satisfaction

SetupBuilder's customers range from the largest commercial and enterprise software developers to the smallest of start-up companies. What they all share is a common desire to build deployment solutions that allow them to successfully install and configure their software.


SetupBuilder lets you do what you want, when you want. Update the registry, overwrite files in use, ask users custom questions, run external programs, view license agreements, require a password and much more.


For many applications today, a simple installation routine is simply not enough. Peripheral installations, browser configurations, client/server applications, serial number verification, and quick startups with autorun...these are just a few of the common issues you may need to address. SetupBuilder lets you tailor your installation just the way you need it. It lets you customize and define every step of the installation by designing the setup to say, ask, and do exactly what you want.


SetupBuilder makes it easier than ever to create professional script-based installations in minutes without writing a line of code! It gives you script-writing flexibility, debugging capability and byte-level patching technology to simplify the upgrade process, especially over the Internet. SetupBuilder supports IF and WHILE control structures to provide looping and conditional execution of installation components.

Small and Fast

Your current installation system adds an awful lot of overhead to setups it creates? Our native Windows executables are 4-5 times smaller than other installation company's executables. The SetupBuilder installer footprint (installer size without any files) is only 180 KB. This small piece of code, called stub, includes the GUI wizards, uninstaller, decompression library and script engine! And the best is the installer has absolutely no reliance on 3rd party runtime modules, thus freeing your users from having to endure a multi-megabyte runtime download just to install your software.

Save Time

Create a customized setup for your applications without writing any code. Other installation tools require you to write setup scripts in a custom scripting language forcing you to waste valuable time learning a new programming language. With SetupBuilder, you are given all the options you need without the added complexity.

Trouble Free Future

No matter how your product envolves over time, SetupBuilder will stay right there with you to keep your installer up to date. Never again worry about how your product will get from your offices to your customers' machines.

The Most for Your Money

SetupBuilder is the ideal solution to build bullet-proof setups for Windows. It's the most competitively priced solution on the market.

As we like to say, just "point. click. ship." That's it. Give your program the introduction it deserves. Let SetupBuilder help you create the powerful, sophisticated setups you need.

And remember, because we keep ourselves abreast of industry advances (including, of course, those of our competitors), we've done the legwork - you'll never again have to allocate time on anything other that getting in touch with us. You can come to rely on Lindersoft to be your permanent deployment solutions provider.